2018/19 Indoors Tournament Results!

SEAL results

ICAC won the 2018/19 senior league! 2 years in a row! Arp arp arp!

Full results here

BUCS results

The ICAC competitors for the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) were Dan Boulby, Sam Walby and Yin Chan. BUCS includes only the cream of the crop of university archers – good work to Yin Chan ranking 17th and Dan Boulby ranking 33rd.

Full results here

BUTC results

ICAC sent a team (Dan Boulby, Sam Walby, and Yin Chan) to the British Universities Team Championships (BUTC – pronounced “But-tocks”). They survived having a hour less sleep than expected (due to the end of daylight savings) and seeded a glorious 7th place out of 32 teams, before getting knocked out by BUTC champions Warwick in the 2nd round of head-to-heads.

Full results here