Committee 14/15

The Archery Club Committee is a group of the clubs members who have been elected to run the club, making sure that we can all shoot and have a fun time!

Captain Tim Weenink

Tim Weenink

As a committee veteran, I will be running around trying to make things run as smooth as possible for the club. I always try to offload as much work as possible to the rest of the committee, but being the perfectionist that I am I always find more things to do. When I’m not doing important archery stuff, you will most likely find me stressing about my PhD or doing unimportant archery stuff. Like annoying the equipment officers with a feigned(?) lack of technical archery knowledge, dreaming up new rules for the unofficial constitution or having a beer with my fellow archers. And of course I invite everyone to join me in any of those activities. My official motto for this year will hence be: “The more the merrier!”.

Vice Captain Emma Davis

Hi, I’m Emma. I took up archery as an undergrad at Warwick and have never looked back, I’ve been shooting for three years now. I’m the one running the novice sessions, coaching, getting excited about competitions, and hopefully finding some time to actually shoot myself! If you have any questions about any aspect of archery, especially technique or competition related questions, you can find me at most sessions.

Emma Davis

Treasurer Kathryn Turner

Kathryn Turner

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, and I’ll be your treasurer for 2014/2015. I study Geophysics and am currently in my 3rd year. I had never done Archery before coming to Imperial, and now I don’t ever want to stop! My role in the club mostly takes place behind the scenes, making sure the club has the funding to keep doing what it does best. Feel free to chat to me about anything – especially you barebow fanatics!

Records Officer Will Cheng

Hey guys and gals, my name is Will and I’ll be your records officer for this academic year. I’m responsible for keeping the clubs records up to date and making sure that the novice/senior leagues run smoothly. I also forge badges for those who achieve certain milestones in their archery career (or for other “unique” feats). Please feel free to ask me anything to do with badges or the upcoming leagues!

Will Cheng

Equipment Officer(s)


Milla Puolamaa

Hiya, I’m Milla, the club’s equipment’s officer. Ask me if you need any help with your kit. I’ll be the crazy woman fixing things or drooling over some shiny new bow or other…

Wui Shen Ng

All I really do is fletch arrows and fix stuff. I then proceed to use those arrows until the fletchings fall off. Repeat ad nauseum.


Secretary Jonathan Hughes

Picture pending
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Webmaster Will Smith

I’m Will! My role is to post stuff on here and keep it all looking pretty. So far this year I’ve created the new theme for the website (including that nice picture of my bow at the top) and cleared up the last 10 years of old websites. I started archery last year at this club and like to think I have become pretty good. When I’m not doing archery I am a 3rd year computing student.

Will Smith

Social Secretary Pavitar Singh


Hey everyone, Pav the archery social secretary here! Accompanied by Bas, the social mascot! As stated, it’s my job to get the socials organised to make sure you all have as much fun off the shooting line as you do on it! We try to aim for at least one event a month (maybe two if we find the time!). This society is all about you, so if you’d care to suggest a fun event, get in touch with someone on the committee and we’ll see what we can do!

Tournaments Officer Matthew Leivers

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