Date Destination Hut Caves
27th - 30th May Yorkshire NPC Cottage Plenty
10th - 12th June Wales Whitewalls Agen Allwedd
7th July - 7th August Slovenia! Tolminski Migovec Primadona
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A pre-expo jaunt to Agen Allwedd, for a last look at easy horizontal caving before Slov and to let next year's keen leading team learn its twisting passages in time for freshers trips next year.

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A week long tour to Andalucia for cheap wine, beautiful country, and of course huge caves. We visited Sima Cacao (an ICCC favourite), the epic El Hundidero - Gato, Sima Cabra (of Don Quijote fame), and managed to squeeze in some canyoning and via ferrata.

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On Saturday we plumbed the grim depths of East Kingsdale; crawling, squeezing and grovelling through the most unpleasant squeezes Vespers, Spectacle and King have to offer. To reward our hard work, we made Sunday sunny and went to Alum Pot for a photo-tastic multi-descent extra-vaganza.

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It's that time of the year when the old, broken, and decrepit cavers are packed up in big bundles of tatty rope and carefully archived at the back of expo stores awaiting a time when science can restore their minds and knees. The best and brightest new cavers have stepped up to the mark, keen to guide the club ever greater depths of competence and excellence.

Congratulations to the new committee:

Ben Honan
Isha Shaz
Will Scott
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours and Expeditions Secretary:
Tanguy Racine
Social Secretary:
Arun Paul
Medical Officer:
James Perry

And also commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: Bhavik "My Wellies Are My Crumple Zone" Lodhia for a brief attempt at flight.
For Evans' Sake: Tanguy Racine for unearthing a foul plague in an ill-advised excavation of the Bivi and succumbing to it's effects repeatedly whilst underground.


On Saturday we had eventful exchange between It's a Cracker and Boxhead Pot, with a splinter team heading to Rowten. On Sunday we braved the strong streamway in Notts II.

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A superb weekend of SRT - a complex 4-way exchange in Notts 1 went off with only two hitches, and on Sunday we had four separate trips, with rigging practice, photography and a classic bit of Jingling.

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The sun rises, the sun sets, and Imperial visit the Mendip Hills but once a year. This year we had four (count 'em) elite teams tackling various permutations on getting wet in Swildon's, and on Sunday one cracked team went back there, whilst the more sensible members of the club visiting Eastwater or GB.

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We went caving in Yorkshire over New Year, visiting Kingsdale, Ease Gill, Gaping Ghyll and even as far east as Sell Gill. We ended the week with a cave rescue training day.

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An incredible documentary video put together by Tanguy Racine accurately depicting life on the New Zealand expedition. It's got peppers, it's got chickens, it's got everything.

There's a load more information on our NZ expedition on the subsite.

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