Hare Krishna Temple Visit

Hare Krishna Hindu Society Visit

On Monday 9th July ’07, a handful of Imperial College Hindu Soc. committee members ventured out to suburban Watford to visit the famous Hare Krishna Temple…admittedly I was in Harrow before being reminded by Ajay to attend the outing, knowing full well that the result of my presence would be that which you are currently reading, A far cry from Anand’s commendable effort to stay at Sunir’s, Oh and also trekking it from Birmingham.

The visit, albeit haphazard, was educational. We managed to take away a lot of information concerning youth debate programmes and possible speakers for sewa week. The Manor itself, adorned with beautiful paintings of deities, was impressive. Janavi ex-VP and a regular to the temple, kindly organised for us to meet a resident representative to enlighten us. It was during the first part of the visit we found that the Manor comprised of a theatre, school, and various other educational facilities. Dharshan during the late afternoon was refreshing and well organised.

We spent the next part of the visit engaging in the topical subject of meditation and reincarnation courtesy of Pandit Nimesh. He spoke of how doctors of many disciplines are now recognising meditation for its practical medicinal uses.

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