Tulsi Vivah Story

Tulsi, or holy basil plant, is considered to be the beloved of Lord Krishna. Tulsi Vivah ritual is performed during the waxing phase of moon in Kartik month starting from the Kartik Suddha Ekadasi to Kartik Purnima. While performing the Tulsi vivah ritual women listen to the Tulsi Vivah Katha. There are several versions of Tulsi Puja story this is one of them.

Once there lived an old lady who used perform the Kartik Snan and then water Tulsi plant and offer prayers. She used to worship Tulsi without fail and used to perform the Tulsi Vivah ritual. After the ritual, the old woman always ask the Tulsi plant to fulfill her wish that her dead body should be carried by Lord Krishna to the pyre.

Tulsi Plant (Tulsi Devi) used to hear her prayer daily and she had the capacity to fulfill the wishes of her devotees but to make Lord Krishna carry the dead body of the old lady to the pyre was beyond her capacity.

Saddened by this fact, Tulsi began to wither and she started shedding her leaves. One day Lord Krishna visited Tulsi Devi and found her in a real bad shape and wanted to know the reason.

Then Tulsi Devi narrated the story of the old woman who daily asks for her dead body to be carried by Lord Krishna to the pyre. She said that she cannot ask Lord Krishna to do such a thing. As I cannot fulfill her wish I am sad and this is the cause of my sorry state.

Lord Krishna gave his usual smile and said that the wish of the old woman will be fulfilled and asked Tulsi Devi to forget about the problem and asked her to return to her glorious form.

On the last day of the Kartik month the old woman repeated her usual ritual and prayed for her body to carry to the pyre by Lord Krishna. After chanting the prayers, the old lady fell down and died immediately.

Her family members and neighbors arrived on the scene and decided to move the dead body of the old woman. But the body could not be removed. It had become so heavy that even 10 people together could not move it.

Tulsi Devi then remembered Lord Krishna. She prayed to the Lord save her devotee who is lying on her feet.

A large number of people had gathered at the scene as the news of the death of old lady spread and the subsequent miracle of the body becoming so heavy.

Soon a young boy appeared and asked what all the commotion was about. An elderly person narrated what had happened.

The boy said he will move the body and went to the dead body and chanted some words into the ears of the old woman and touched the body. The body now became lighter like a flower. The boy then shouldered the body to the pyre.

People gathered there were surprised to see this miracle. The pyre was lit and the young boy slipped out of the crowd.

Only Tulsi Devi knew that the young boy was Lord Krishna who had arrived to fulfill the prayer of her devotee.

Sports Afternoon – Fortnightly

Come and enjoy an afternoon of traditional indian sports! We’ll be starting off with a friendly game of kabbadi and more will follow!

This is a regular event and will be held fortnightly every other Wednesday.

Meet in SAF foyer and we’ll head down together!

Wednesday 13th October 2010
Wednesday 10th November 2010
Wednesday 24th November 2010

Time: 1pm
Location: Hyde Park

SUR – Sunday 5th December 2010

Sur starts [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”5 December 2010 09:00″]

IC Hindusoc are proud to announce the arrival of its brand new event – SUR!

9am to 9pm. 12 hours. 12 hours to choreograph, learn and perform classical indian dance, music and drama. 12 hours to design sets, make films and arrange the music. 12 of the most intense hours you will experience in your life. 12 hours you will never forget.

Its open to all. No experience necessary – and perhaps the less the better. You select the acts you want to be involved in before hand – including: hindustani and carnatic vocals, bharatnatyam and kathak, tabla and natak, backstage and tech. Professional teachers are there to show you the ropes and teach you the fundamentals, choreograph and baseline of each art form. From there on its down to you, you are the cast, you are the crew and you are the show. You have 12 hours to get that show on the road.

If you’ve wondered what bharatnatyam or tabla would be like – but didnt have the time to go to class, then this is for you! Just 12 hours to immerse yourself in the great world of classical indian culture. No fear, no embarrassment – just great fun. This is THE Indian Cultural Experience…

If would like to take part, please register by contact Ashni Pau ( ap6709@ic.ac.uk). Forms to select the art form of your choice will be emailed early on the w/c 22nd November . Those who have already registered will have first priority. Be quick though as places are limited!

To find out a bit more about what you can do, visit our youtube playlist where the teachers each give an interview and a demonstration on their particular art form- http://www.youtube.com/user/ImperialCollHinduSoc#g/c/313C221A235C7137

Date: Sunday 5th December

Time: 9am – 9pm

Location: SAF Building