Come down and participate in Imperial College Hindu Society’s next exciting event in the line up: SUR! A spectacular one day workshop where YOU get to learn the ropes of some of the most wonderful fine arts including:

Sound of the drums – Tabla

Tabla – the pair of drums that happened to come about from splitting one mridangam into two!
Learn a repertoire of basic strokes required in tabla percussion and the timing, teental, it represents.

Steps of the South – Bharatnatyam
Learn the foundation steps from the classical dance form originating in Tamil Nadu which gave rise to a number of other dance styles.
Accompanied by Karnatic vocals, bharatnatyam performances strive to either tell a story, dance with bravado or a combination of the two.

Ujaali – Garba
Garba originates from Gujarat, much popularised by Hindi cinema and Ujaali alike!
Learn all you need from the basic steps through to some show-off moves for the seasoned Navratri performer.

Aawaz – Hindustani vocals
Hindustani vocals originated from vedic chants in north India and Pakistan. The vocal techniques cater for religious devotion right through to modern cinema soundtracks.
So stop singing alone when no one is listening and have a go!

Anaarkali – Kathak
Kathak originates from Uttar Pradesh and has been moulded by both the Mughals and the Persians to become the style you see today.
It is a dance of story-telling, with expression and flair. Come and learn a toda/tukda, a piece of dance which gets stitched into kathak performances.

Rang de – Mehndi
A form of skin decoration in India which came about from vedic customs, beginning with bridal decoration and now an Asian fashion statement.
Come and learn how to apply mehndi and some traditional patterns to get started with this classical artform!

Raaga – Karnatic vocals
Karnatic vocals are the distinct singing style of the South Indian states of India. They focus greatly on pitch, scales, melodies and beats and are the focal sound of Karnatic composition.
Come and learn the techniques of a South Indian singer!