Dandiya Dhamaka by Aman Sethi and Paawan Sharma

Ujaali had an incredible turnout this year and we were delighted to see students come together to celebrate. Garba is the perfect medium to connect dynamism with religion and Navaratri would surely be incomplete without it. Ujaali delivered yet again a fun night of spirited, festive celebration! It was such a pleasure to watch students across Imperial dress to impress, dance the night away and let it all come together in a wild frenzy of claps and steps.

Our aim has always been to make Ujaali a memorable occasion rather than a typical dance event. Now in its fourteenth year, the event’s focus lies not only in presenting the cheer of Garba, but also in encouraging cultural awareness and a coming together of members of our Hindu Society family, both old and new. It expresses the richness of Indian culture in a vibrant way and provides students with a way to connect with their heritage when they may be missing home the most. We hope you all found Ujaali entertaining and enjoyed the engaging music and dance. All the money raised will be donated to Care Education Trust UK, whose primary aim is to better the lives of underprivileged children in developing countries by providing them with the invaluable gift of education.

“I loved it! I felt like I was at a home away from home,” said one of the new freshers! We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. As it has always done, Hindu Society continues to provide a family feel for all its members, and Ujaali was the perfect illustration of that!

We say if you didn’t ache or sweat, you DIDN’T do it right! There was a great response to our live band who brought an amazing flare, energy and rhythm for attendees to enjoy the company of others who love to dance. Imperial Hindu Society would particularly like to praise the freshers’ dance performance which involved the largest number of students to date. Credit is due to our two choreographers, Janaki and Trisha, who broadened the appeal of the traditional festival through the use of contemporary music, while still retaining the authentic spirit and vigour of Garba.

The curtains had to close at some point. Until next year…

‘Ujaali epic chhe!’