Diwali Ball 2013


And so it begins: by Aman Sethi

Five months ago, we began with an idea. While the idea may have initially represented a farfetched dream, today, we and Imperial Indian Society celebrate the success of Diwali Ball 2013. Held at Hammersmith Town Hall, the evening was an authentic opportunity for Imperial students to honour their culture and the spirit of Diwali. It was a celebration, a spiritual ceremony, a cultural feast and an entertaining evening but above all Diwali Ball was an exclusive occasion to mark this charming festival which holds a special place in all our hearts. It was a great pleasure to work with Imperial Indian society who shared a united vision, helping us to raise huge amounts for charity.

The night began with an engaging dance routine by the East meets West 2013 act DesiBeats followed by an incredible singing performance from Rijul Bohra and Vidushi Pradhan. As part of the post-dinner entertainment, a classical drama based on an aspect of Hindu mythology was also staged. The theatrical production of Ramayana entertained the audience with many students enjoying a comical revision of the traditional story. Henna Patel, Director and Vice-President of Hindu Soc, would like to extend her appreciations to all cast members who graciously devoted their limited time to attending rehearsals and contributing to making the play a success.

Many of the students were left amazed by the rich traditions of Hinduism as they immersed themselves into the echoing resonance of the aarti. Students adorned themselves in traditional clothing marked with vibrant colours presenting themes of colour and light that reflect the true spirit of this celebration.  The drinks reception and catered 3 course banquet left many feeling content and importantly, we were honoured to host a live Bollywood DJ who brought with him a depth of experience, innovation and sophistication to the event.

Imperial Hindu Society aspires to make Diwali Ball a yearly tradition focused upon evoking the powerful message of good over evil and the glory of light over darkness. We hope that the event will continue to be a focal opportunity for celebration for future students. All proceeds from this event will benefit Care Education Trust UK among other charities. On behalf of Imperial Hindu Society and Indian Society, we would like to greatly thank all those who attended and both committees for donating their time to ensure the success of Diwali Ball 2013.

Happy Diwali!