NHSF London Zone Sports Competition 2013


Imperial brought it home…by Aman Sethi

London Zone Comp 2013 Kabaddi Trophy

It’s the morning after the first ever NHSF London Zone Sports Competition and we’re all still coming to terms with the fact that we WON! Imperial Hindu Society returned with the coveted title of NHSF London Zone Kabaddi Champions after an intense final against LSE Hindu Society. In true sporting and NHSF spirit, however, LSE were incredibly gracious in their defeat as they displayed a great show of respect and solidarity to their challengers. All competitors on behalf of Imperial Hindu Society had trained hard for several weeks leading up to the day and competed fiercely with our Football and Netball teams also performing incredibly well.

The NHSF London Zone Sports Competition is a key medium for NHSF members from across London to develop a more active involvement in sport. The event provides the opportunity for NHSF chapters to demonstrate several weeks of hard work though sport whilst teams from all across London connected in the name of Hindu Dharma. Competitors united in Lord Hanuman’s virtues of strength, humility and solidarity, some fundamental aspects of Hinduism, to come out victorious in the sports of Football, Netball, Kabaddi and Kho Kho.

Imperial Hindu Society would like to congratulate all our competitors for their hard work and effort placing in every sport. They played every game with skill, dedication and team spirit showing great conviction in their effort. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank NHSF Brunel for hosting the first ever NHSF London Zone Sports Competition so successfully, as well as all committee members on the day who were instrumental in the smooth running of a very organised and successful sports competition.

Bring on the nationals!